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bike trip computer

Développeur Costa Rica Android Development
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Real time velocity,max V, avg V, total distance and time, elevation with GPS. Calories burned statics. Showing real time arrow for speed up/down and elevation up/down with statics. Beep can be enabled as options for speed arrow and elevation arrow through option key.Line graphs in other pane to see trends of velocity and elevation. Also showing average threshold line to determine up/down arrows.Calorie burned trend with 24 hours, weekly, monthly
Online google map for logging your track. Which can be exported as gpx file(saved in BikeComputer directory). You can import GPX for you to track along.
GPX file (saved in BikeComputer directory) export for offline review with such as "Google earth" or "mobile atlas creator in PC". Or in android program "trekking biking hiking". To work with another good host program with GPX created. Good program for analyze your tracks with altitude and speed. For this you need to make sure to export as "Track" button when you exporting GPX since the website doesn't accept waypoint based GPX. is also quite good program too for having comprehensive capability of dealing with every GPX files.
Font size and line size are configurable with option keys during run time. You can have separate font sizes for main panes and trends panes.
Auto invert display color function for better visibility in daylight. Or fixed color. These can be set at option.
Calorie records to be stored as txt file in application folder(BikeComputer). You can reuse it.